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SALT Assessment



SALT Assessment is the first step in connecting with SALT as a pastor or leader. Assessment looks carefully and strategically at 3 areas in the life of a leader -- head, heart, and hands.

It is 6-hours long and it takes place in person or over Zoom.

You can inquire about SALT Assessment below. Once you inquire, we will connect with you within 1-week to set up a 30-minute Learning Meeting.

Inquire About Assessment



Recruit Leader

  • Through our training and resourcing efforts, we recruit potential leaders to join SALT. This happens primarily through relationships, SALT HUB, and other training events.

  • Furthermore, our SALT pastors are developing church planters in their local contexts. Once ready for assessment, the SALT pastor can refer their candidate.

  • Our events expose leaders to our work and the missiological culture and leadership DNA we are creating. Our goal is create a network of pastors who are strategically committed to multiplication through church planting.

Assess Leader

  • Once a leader is recruited, we provide a robust assessment for this potential SALT partner.

  • We assess three areas carefully and strategically — head, heart, and hands

    • Head = Knowledge of the Bible and theological imagination for contextualizing biblical theology to their context

    • Heart = Your gospel identity, gospel fluency, and gospel motivations for doing the work of church planting

    • Hands = The leadership experience in your past, your current leadership opportunities, and ability to create reproducible and simple strategy for effective multiplication

  • After our assessment, every potential SALT pastor receives an Assessment Report.

  • After the Assessment Report, these leaders are invited to join SALT by signing our Gospel Statement and Partnership Agreement. At this stage, pastors receive a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

Coach Leader

  • Once onboarded into SALT, every leader receives a SALT COACH.

  • These coaches provide customized head, heart, and hands coaching, based on the assessment report and place in their current ministry process.

  • SALT COACHES meet with our SALT PASTORS at least once a month for 1.5 hours.

Resource Leader

  • Once a month, our SALT PASTORS gather together on Zoom from all over the world for our SALT CELEBRATION.

  • Every week, we train and equip towards our SALT DNA at every SALT HUB gathering.

  • SALT PASTORS have access to grants and further resources, on an as-needed basis after 1-year of partnership together.